• Does Phantel work on any phone?

    Phantel can work on any full-duplex communication device.
    The standard version, as sold online, is tested to work with all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad). It also works with many other types of phones (HTC One, Samsung S7 and S8, Huawuei...), but we can't test it on all the models present on the market!
    So, if you want to use it with a non-Apple device contact us for more information.

  • Why is Phantel secure?

    Because it doesn't rely on the internet, on apps or on any third party. Everything happens inside Phantel: the voice first is encrypted, then transmitted to your phone, and from your phone to the network.

  • Do I need an internet connection to use Phantel?

    No: you can use Phantel over a normal line call, as well as with many voice apps (Facetime, Whatsapp, Wechat, Viber, Hangout etc.)

  • I found voice scramblers that are much cheaper! Why shoudl I buy Phantel?

    Phantel is not a cheap voice scrambler.
    A voice scrambler simply distorts your voice, so that it becomes hard to understand by a human hear, but it's very simple to decipher it for a computer. A scrambler just changes the voice's wave shape and/or adds noise to it.

    At the contrary, Phantel encrypts the voice using a strong, military grade algorithm that would take billions of years to unencrypt if you don't have the key. And a new key is randomly generated at each call, which means that it's practically impossible to break into a conversation.

  • How can I know that what you say is true?

    You can test Phantel in a simple way: make an encrypted call, then switch on the loudspeaker of the other phone. When you talk, you will hear the voice in its encrypted form, which is impossible to understand. But you will hear the decrypted voice from the headphones connected to the device.
    You can watch this test in our youtube video

  • Is Phantel legal?

    Yes. Encryption is legal, especially when no server or app is involved.

  • Is Phantel covered by a warranty?

    Yes, one year warranty on malfunctions or breakage with normal usage. Simply return your device back to us and we will ship a new one free of cost.

  • Is Phantel sturdy? Will it break easily?

    We use industrial grade internal components and an alluminium metal case. Phantel is very light and sturdy.